Trending Hobbies In Pandemic Times

When the Pandemic struck and we were all confined to homes, it led to some sort of newness that none of us would ever think of.
Hobbies and Activities were in the wish-list for many. Albeit the fact that the Pandemic has taken a lot away from our normal lives, we can’t help but notice all that it has given us. Family time, less workplace commute, opportunity to work from home, creativity and learning technology to our benefit.
With extra time in hand, a few hobbies are trending amongst the young and old. Despite the age, people are re-looking into things they hoped to do if they had the time. Many have decided to pick hobbies that are new or renew their love for what they did earlier in life.
We bring you 5 such hobbies that are helping people deal with stress and utilize their extra time well.

Learning A Musical Instrument
The guitar was always his first love. Vinay is known in his friend group as the guitarist and he loves acing the instrument. However, he felt that he wanted to do more than just play the instrument he knows. He pushed himself to learn the clarinet which is more of an “air” instrument which to him is very different from the “string” instrument. Learning a new instrument made him realize the requirements of the same viz his lung capacity and how breathing can help him.
Many teenagers have taken to learning instruments online as music academies are offering economically priced courses for the same.

Playing Board Games
Board Games are back in vogue. Games like Scrabble, Cluedo, Twister, Guess Who are making a comeback. “I do feel bored now of Candy Crush”, confessed Sujata, a 40 year old mother. “I realized I need something new. So one fine day, I decided to go back to Scrabble. I was surprised at the costing online yet bought it. Ever since, my 14 year old son and I enjoy two evenings a week playing the game”, she beamed.

Do It Yourself Projects
Creative or not, people are experimenting in DIY projects. Things like hand lettering, painting, small furniture, gardening, soap making and upcycling waste have gained interest and for some it has also converted to small business.

Blogging and Journaling
For all those, who wanted to express in words or in pictures, blogging and journaling has come to rescue. Easy to create with templates, an audience from your friends and relatives and motivation from fellow bloggers, blogging is picking up hugely. Blog about work, food and fitness are encouraging and a place for people to share their experiences.

Self Care
Whilst self care should be an absolute necessity, it was not something that people took seriously because of lack of time. Self Care means holistically looking after one’s physical and mental health. It may not qualify as a “hobby” per se, but this has led to a spurt in the demand of good advice, wellness alternatives and physical balance. Meditation, Yoga, Access Bars, eating right, choosing your fitness regime, indulging in a relaxing activity is now slowly becoming something that has to be included in the daily schedule of people.

Hobbies are plenty and everyone must have one. In our opinion Reading, Craft work and stitching are some hobbies that not just improved focus but also expanded your mind to do more. Write at info@brewathought if you are pursuing a unique hobby that is giving you pleasure.

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