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our services include

Customized Coaching engagement and Talent Management plans directed to suit every individual as per their unique needs. Coaching Engagements can be for: Performance, Life, Women, Youth,Transition, Growth, Executive.


Imagine yourself with your favourite cup of tea or coffee. You have decided to take a break and enjoy it and relax. Invariably you start thinking- about life, about work, about family and about YOU. You suddenly long for a little conversation, a wee bit of advice, a person to talk to or maybe someone to go-to. With dilemmas ruling your daily life, you seek someone to help you ease your thought process.  You are not looking for a mentor, you are not looking for a counselor but you are looking for someone who will help you think through your thoughts and ideas so as to influence you to make informed decisions. You are looking for a Coach. Brewathought offers services of Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Success Coaching and Coaching for Women and Youth. This service is offered to any individual dealing with the feeling of dilemma, of being stuck or seeking a way to change gears and move ahead. All in such a manner, that it is as enjoyable as your perfect cup of brew and in a personal and safe space. We are a set of collaborative, experienced and certified Coaches, who engage with individuals to fulfill short and long term goals in a specific period of time via long term Coaching Engagements or short term Coaching Conversations. Book your first free half hour session with us today!

Psychometric Assessment

When you think you would like to have a scientific and quantifiable way of understanding who you are, organizations and individuals tend to look for assessments to get some direction and validate what they have been feeling. Psychometric Assessments come into picture. The use of assessments are manifold. They can be used for hiring, understanding oneself and also to see what can be done more with what is available. Assessments are not right or wrong because they are existing. With Brewathought, every assessment that is administered is followed up with a briefing about what the findings mean. The findings are interpreted and analysed by a certified assessor over a session of one hour.

Soft Skill Training

It is widely known that work place potential multiplies when employees have better people skills. Technical knowhow, knowledge of the subject are mandatory but what sets each employee apart is to build on the softer part of their personality. It is either their communication, their leadership, their ability to empathize, resolve conflicts, build and many such attributes that help managers to grow further and take on added responsibilities. Brewathought has a panel of widely experienced and interesting cluster of trainers who are not just technically qualified to lead various soft skills program but are passionate about “growth” as such. Training Programs are skillfully designed on the basis of what the organization needs and is delivered via customized content, ace trainer and post training follow through.

Organization Health and OD

People make an organization and they also make the culture. It is the culture, ethos and beliefs of organizations that make it healthy and productive with an environment conducive to grow. Brewathought designs and delivers organization health instruments and interventions that can help your organization take a check on how you are doing.


Human Resource Consulting

HR processes make an organization focused on how an employee is handled. Brewathought specializes in supporting start ups and SMEs understand the need for proper HR processes in time so that they are aligned to the larger business goal and can contribute towards growth. Processes from entry to exit of an employee is well laid out, planned and implemented through our experienced consultants who help learn, understand and then provide the right processes for the client. We understand, each client is unique and the needs are met with accordingly.


Resume Building and Interview Coaching

Brewathought provides support services to individuals on their resume building and preps candidates through Interview Coaching. Each individual’s job search journey is taken as unique and efforts are made for knowing how best this service can be provided. Individuals can reach out for building resumes, increasing their social media presence and going through various kinds of mock interviews to understand what is expected out of them so that they can present their candidature well during an interview.

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Executive Coaching

Exclusive coaching for executives to enhance leadership capabilities, decision-making skills, and overall organizational impact

Life Balance Coaching

Support in achieving a harmonious work-life balance, addressing stress management, time optimization, and well-being.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Guidance and support for entrepreneurs, covering business strategy, innovation, and leadership skills to drive business success

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Specialized coaching to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Personal Development Coaching

Tailored one-on-one coaching sessions to help individuals unlock their full potential, set and achieve personal goals, and overcome obstacles.

Leadership Development

Specialized coaching for individuals aspiring to become effective leaders, focusing on leadership skills, communication, and team management.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Structured coaching sessions to define and pursue both short-term and long-term goals, ensuring a clear path to success

Communication Skills Training

Workshops and coaching sessions to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, enhancing interpersonal relationships and professional presence.

Communication Skills Training

Workshops and coaching sessions to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, enhancing interpersonal relationships and professional presence.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Techniques and strategies to promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance mental resilience in both personal and professional realms.

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