Five Home Based Businesses

The world is now going through a sense of fatigue whenever the word “Pandemic” is mentioned. It has been clearly a year of uncertainty, fear and despair. But not all is so bad. The situation changed across the world and perhaps while Mother Nature was healing, we started to look at work and skills differently. The past nine months has seen the emergence of new ideas, realignment, “making the best use” of work skills.
People either lost their jobs or had more time in hand. As they were pushed to be more creative and think out of the box, they turned to activities that helped them release their stress.
This has led to the emergence of home based businesses that started to cater to this need. It also led to a new breed of entrepreneurs who had taken to these activities as a hobby and now turned it into their part profession.

We look at five such home based businesses that are growing and will flourish in the days to come.

It was thought that in order to nurture a garden, one needed enough space. This idea has been redefined by a lot of home based nurseries who are supporting people to grow their own greens or flowers. With pollution levels higher, the need for greenery has increased manifold. Smaller urban spaces have ventured into vertical gardens or chose plants that are easy to maintain. Nurseries confess to seeing a surge in the demand and have started to deliver online, with add-ons like fertilizers and smaller pots. Gardening enthusiasts are not just running nurseries but have started to “share” or sell their expertise and plants with others / potential customers.

It would probably cause a lot of debate if we call it the Pet “Industry” but the truth of the matter is that the demand for pets has increased. According to Samson, who runs a dog shelter in Delhi and also helps pups get new homes, “People are bored of each other. A pet distracts the family.” Adoption, Buying and waiting for the right breed are normal now. New pet owner, Sejal says, “I had to wait close to three months to get my Lab. I did not want to buy but eventually I did because I wanted a dog so bad in my life!”

Fitness and Health
Health has come to focus like never before. Fitness Coaches, Nutritionists and Dieticians were earlier available only locally. Now, they offer their services online and being online has helped them reach a wider audience. Manisha Soni, Founder and Master Trainer, LetsEnjoy says “When Pandemic struck, as a Yoga Professional, I felt the need to reinvent methods of teaching so that I could re-connect with my students and keep my work and their well-being moving in a positive direction. Ever since my classes have moved onto the screen of my laptop, I and my students find the online method not just easy and comfortable, but fun. I am grateful that despite adverse circumstances, I am able to reach out to a wide circle of students across the globe and different time zones, setting the rhythm of regularity in our routine”.
Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Dance – all are well executed over platforms like Zoom and Skype.
With the study that one of the best ways to fight the virus is building immunity, there is also a demand for premixes, immunity building food products and recipes that can help build immunity. Video Channel viewing has increased wherever food is concerned and home made food videos are in demand. Platforms like YouTube also help people monetize their channel.

Home Chefs
Being locked in a house, food has become focus. For an average family, going out to their favourite eating joints was a weekly affair. With the family cooking three meals and mid meals for all, eating their own food has become mundane. Welcome the home chefs who creatively started making and delivering food with absolute safety to your home, based on your choice. The popularity of home chefs is that they are making home made food so it means they are healthy, clean and reliable. The same goes for home based bakers and confectioners who are on the rise and there are still less compared to the kind of demand there is in the market.

Customized Merchandise
DIY/ Merchandise with your name on it, a personal message or even quotes just for you. Considered only for birthday or special occasions, customized merchandise is now catering to the “need” of being loved or feeling loved. Merchandise not just includes mugs, clothes, cushions or home décor but now also includes video messages from your favorite artist on TV. Entrepreneurs are getting more and more creative with things like customized sketches, customized soaps, candles, incense sticks and even food that balances your chakras.

Amidst these uncertain times, one thing is for certain. People can push themselves to think differently and it is only a few who can take the risk to think and implement their ideas. You can do your bit by encouraging home based business and buy products being offered by them.

If you would like to know more, to network with home based entrepreneurs, write in to us. We can help you connect and also offer business solutions to take your home based business forward.

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